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Terms and Conditions

By signing the booking form the school acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions below have been read and are accepted.

1. Booking a Musica Viva In Schools program

1.1.    The booking form represents the school’s contract with Musica Viva. All bookings require the Principal’s approval. If a booking form is submitted and subsequently cancelled, the cancellation policy will apply (see clause 4.3 below).
1.2.    The following fees are incurred by the school:  
         1.2.1.    A non-refundable deposit of $200 per group booked, when a school books a program. This will be payable as per the date on the invoice. This fee will be based on the number of students in the audience at the performance.  
         1.2.2.     A per-student fee for attending the performance, payable after the performance, within 21 days of the invoice date.
1.3.    The school undertakes to prepare the students and venue for the visit by the musician/s.
1.4.    The school will not make audio visual recordings or distribute recordings online or any other means without permission of Musica Viva.
1.5.    All Musica Viva In Schools musicians have relevant and current Working With Children checks and are bound by contract to adhere to Musica Viva’s Child Safe policy.  Regardless, in submitting this booking form, a school warrants that at all times during a Musica Viva performance/workshop, a teacher or guardian will be present, and that MVIS musicians will not be left unattended with young people under the age of 18.
1.6.   All Musica Viva In Schools’ programs are free of GST.
1.7.   MVA website and online resource materials are illustrative only and actual program and performance content and artists may vary. 

2. Minimum and maximum numbers

2.1.    A Musica Viva In Schools program must have a minimum number of 150 paying students and a maximum of 300 students in attendance per concert unless the school is designated a small school.
2.2.    Schools with fewer than 150 students are requested to share performances with other schools. In this case, each school submits a separate booking form.
2.3.    Small schools unable to share a performance pay the standard fee but by prior arrangement with the State Manager may not be required to meet the minimum performance numbers.
2.4.    The school undertakes in a timely manner to complete both the pre-performance form (the pre-visit sheet) and the online post-performance evaluation form. This latter form includes information about student attendance and a final invoice will be generated based on these figures.
2.5.    Ten free tickets are redeemable per concert. Please indicate the number of tickets redeemed in the post-concert survey.

3.    Resources and Professional Development

3.1.    On booking the Musica Viva In Schools program, for new customers a log-in to the online resource and professional development platform will be provided to the school. For customers with an existing log-in, performance-specific resources and PD will be added to the school’s platform. A school is entitled to share log-in details with all relevant staff members. It is a breach of contract if these resources are shared with individuals outside the school or with other schools.
3.2.    Face-to-face professional development may be required for teachers who are experiencing a performance by our Indigenous ensembles. A school must have at least one teacher present at this PD.

4.    Cancellations or Requests for Re-Scheduling of Events

4.1.    Rescheduling: Requests to reschedule a concert are to be made to your relevant Musica Viva State Manager or phone 1300 663 608. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate a school’s request to reschedule, it may not be possible due to contractual obligations with the musicians. If a school is unable to hold the existing schedule and Musica Viva is unable to reschedule the concert, the cancellation fees policy will apply (see 3.3 below).
4.2.    Cancellations: Written notification is to be given to the relevant Musica Viva State Manager or email [email protected]
4.3.    Cancellation fees apply as follows:
          4.3.1.     If a booking for a concert is cancelled prior to fifty-nine (59) days of the scheduled performance, the $200 non-refundable booking deposit applies.      
          4.3.2.     If a booking for a concert is cancelled between thirty (30) and fifty-nine (59) days of the scheduled event, 50% of the applicable fee is payable.
          4.3.3.    If a booking for a concert is cancelled within twenty-nine (29) days of the scheduled event, the full applicable fee is payable.
          4.3.4.     The applicable fee is that fee which is payable if the cancellation had not occurred. For the Musica Viva In Schools Program, the fee is based on minimum performance attendance numbers of 150 (except small schools).
4.4.    Should Musica Viva be required to cancel a concert, or cannot accommodate a school’s reasonable request for a performance date, any fees already paid by the school will be refunded in full.

5.    Special Subsidies

5.1.    Where Musica Viva makes a Special Subsidy agreement with a school it will be confirmed in writing. It will comprise of a per-student ticket subsidy and/or a waiver of the requirement to meet the 150 minimum paid attendance.
5.2.    The Special Subsidy agreement will contain:
• Student attendance
 • Number of waived tickets (for approved schools with a population of less than 150 students)
• Subsidised ticket price
5.3.    The bookings policy (clause 1), resources and professional development policy (clause 3) and cancellation policy (clause 4) above apply to a Special Subsidy agreement.

6.    Extension Program (Student workshops or Residencies)

6.1.    If the school is booking an Extension Program (Student workshops or Residencies), on receipt of your completed booking form, the details of the Extension Program are negotiated with the State Manager. Written confirmation of the agreed dates will be sent to the school.
6.2.    Booking an Extension Program is subject to the booking policies outlined in Clause 1.
6.3.    A workshop allows for a maximum of 30 students unless otherwise negotiated with the State Manager.
6.4.    Cancellation of an Extension Program is subject to the cancellation policy (see Clause 4.3 above), where each confirmed individual workshop or residency day within the project is an ‘event’.

For further information contact your Musica Viva In Schools’ State Manager on 1300 663 608 or find out more here.
Musica Viva In Schools Terms and Conditions last updated 31 July 2017.