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Taking Gypsey Tober to Tipperary Station

Gypsy Tober together with students from Tipperary Station School

At the end of a dusty 30 kilometre driveway in the Northern Territory you can find Tipperary Station School. There are only 6 students, but when Musica Viva’s Gypsy Tober visited in August, they were greeted by students from 5 local schools - one of which had driven over 2 and a half hours to visit!

Tipperary Station School recognise the importance of building community in remote areas, as well as the power of music to unite, educate and empower people of all ages. With that in mind, they extended an invitation to Musica Viva to come and perform at their school. With the generous support of the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, Musica Viva was able to send Gypsy Tober on a tour of the Northern Territory with a full day spent at Tipperary Station. The students were able to experience a complete concert, and had the opportunity to try their hand at some music making.

“These are such special, creative, kind kids - it was so exciting watching them engage and play” -Anna Griffiths, Musica Viva In Schools. One of the schools had even taken the time to write and perform their own special song for Gypsy Tober. At the end of the day, all felt that they had a new and lasting sense of community, and that the Daly River region has the potential to become a community arts hub for future generations of musicians. Musica Viva will visit again in 2017, and hopes to be able to continue to build our relationship with the school.

Musica Viva, with the assistance of the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and Arts Queensland, will shortly embark on a tour of regional Queensland, with the same aims of delivering music education to remote areas of Australia.

“You would not believe how big the grins on those kid’s faces were”