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Schools partnership with Healthway

Students from Kinsley Primary School in Armadale receiving instruments as part of a previous iteration of the New Life Instrument Program.

Musica Viva In Schools WA is delighted to be working again with Healthway, the West Australian Health Promotion Foundation. Musica Viva and Healthway will work together over the next three years to deliver the positive mental health message ‘Act-Belong-Commit ’through the Musica Viva In Schools, Live Performance Plus and New Life Instrument program.

Through this program, many thousands of students will have the opportunity to demonstrate the three main elements of this important message: 

• Act by attending a performance
• Belong by joining others in a school band
• Commit to learning an instrument or volunteering to help others

Healthway and Musica Viva share a long history of working together to deliver key Healthway messages through the highly effective vehicle of the Musica Viva In Schools program, further demonstrating the great outcomes that can occur when combining the arts and health in prevention and rehabilitation contexts and Musica Viva’s ability to work with our supporters towards mutually beneficial outcomes.