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A story from Harristown State School

Entourage performing at Harristown State School

Musica Viva In Schools visits more than 100 schools in Queensland each year, from inner city Brisbane to small towns like Camooweal, almost 200km west of Mt Isa. Wherever we go, we receive overwhelming gratitude for bringing high quality live music performances to school children and professional support to teachers.

At the end of last year we were pleasantly surprised to receive a school newsletter from Harristown State School in Toowoomba, outlining their experience of our recent visit. We decided to share it with you directly:

Harristown State School newsletter 'Musica Note from Ms Muller'

On Monday 24 October the entire school was treated to an amazing experience with a Musica Viva concert performed by Entourage.

It is extremely important for all of us to realise that this performance at our school was only made possible by generous philanthropic donations to Musica Viva so that our students can have access to world-class performances and be able to be exposed to musical experiences such as this.

Entourage is a chamber music quartet, consisting of soprano voice, clarinet, cello and piano. They are based in Brisbane.

Students were enthralled by the sounds and the performers’ ability to entertain and involve them.

I have asked all classes for their opinions on various aspects of the concert and the overriding theme was how amazing the combination of voice and instruments was and to be able to see the “live” performance of works studied in class prior to the Concert.

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