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Georgia's musical journey

Georgia is now Principal Bassoon with the Newcastle Youth Orchestra

Musica Viva In Schools encounters many heart-warming stories every year, and yet, there’s that ‘one in a million’ story that lands on our desk unannounced and reminds us with the utmost intensity why we do what we do. As it happens, the most recent came from Newcastle and we are proud to share it with you:

“My daughter Georgia attended a Musica Viva school concert in grade 5. During the show the kids were shown a bassoon and told that there was a world shortage of bassoonists. When I picked her up that day, she was very excited and told me she wanted to play the bassoon. She had already studied the violin for five years and had just changed to the cello.

I went to the Conservatorium and asked if they had one we could hire. The receptionist was surprised and said they hadn’t been asked that question for years!

Georgia started teaching herself bassoon on YouTube then commenced lessons with David Hawkins. She first played in her school band, then with Michael Bells Concert Band at the Con. Last year she auditioned for Newcastle Youth Orchestra and commenced as Principal Bassoon this year. She is now on a cello and bassoon scholarship at the Con and a music scholarship at Newcastle Grammar School. We are very grateful to everyone who has provided such wonderful opportunities for Georgia and to Musica Viva for introducing her to such a wonderful Instrument.”
– Georgia’s mother

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