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Enabling our next generation of musicians

Students enjoy instruments donated through the Smarter than Smoking – New Life Instrument program, along with Healthway staff

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Healthway, the West Australian Health Promotion Foundation and corporate partners including National Education Partner Rio Tinto, Musica Viva’s Education Program in Western Australia (WA) is able to reach even more students in regional and remote areas of the State; provide our core Live Performance Plus program at reduced rates to small and isolated schools; and roll out the Smarter than Smoking – New Life Instrument program.

“The Smarter than Smoking – New Life Instrument Program has delivered almost 90 fully serviced high quality musical instruments to 40 low income schools in WA and our research tells us that we are making a significant positive impact on literally thousands of students.”
Lindsay Lovering, Musica Viva WA

The New Life Instrument Program is a successful collaboration between Musica Viva and Healthway which combines two organisational core missions; providing children with access to musical education and instruments, as well as delivering an anti-smoking message.