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Our second visit to Croker Island

Students at Croker Island enjoying a concert by Musica Viva In Schools group, Zeeko

From the 21 May to 6 June 2018, popular Musica Viva In Schools ensemble Zeeko brought its catchy vibe to students from Alice Springs to Croker Island thanks to the generous support of the Northern Territory Department of Education and private donors.

The 1,700km tour for Musica Viva In Schools visited 20 schools and culminated in a visit to the 70 students of Mamaruni School in Minjilang, the main community on the remote Croker Island. Situated 200km northeast of Darwin where the Arafura Sea meets the Timor Sea, Croker Island belongs to its traditional owners, the Yarmirr people, with a population of just 300, and is one of the most remote areas in Australia.

Our CEO, Mary Jo Capps, joined Zeeko for the last leg of the trip to Croker Island and invited two long-term Musica Viva donors to come on the tour to witness first-hand the positive impact of our music education programs on communities.

“It is very moving to witness the impact of a group like Zeeko. We are immensely grateful to our supporters for helping us open up a whole new world for these children," says Mary Jo Capps


Zeeko performers and music educators Jess Ciampa (bass guitar, percussion, vocals), David Hewitt (drum kit, percussion, vocals) and Sorcha Albuquerque (guitar, vocals) bring a unique blend of colours, with influences ranging from bluegrass and Caribbean rhythms to jazz and ambient music.

Over the course of an hour, the group takes students on a journey, exploring the natural world in original songs about fast food, golden frogs and the deep ocean. The children were able to join in on the performances with glass bottles, squeaky toys and body percussion to create brand new soundscapes.