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CBH Group receive honours

Musica Viva WA and CBH Group staff at the State Arts and Culture Partnership Honours ceremony

Heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the CBH Group, which recently received WA State Arts and Culture Partnership Honours for its generous support of the Musica Viva In Schools program. Emerging as the clear winner in the ‘Regional Arts and Culture’ category, CBH has partnered with Musica Viva since 2014, bringing music to thousands of people in remote communities across the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.

Owned and controlled by 4,200 Western Australian grain growers, the CBH Group is Australia’s largest co-operative and a leader in the national grain industry. “That visionary leadership clearly extends well beyond the world of agriculture,” says Chris van Tuinen, WA State Manager at Musica Viva. “Thanks to the CBH Group, 10,000 children in remote primary schools receive free or subsidised access to Musica Viva programs each year – a life-changing experience for those who have never seen live music before.”

The programs include a school visit from one of Musica Viva’s specially trained ensembles and a term’s worth of teaching resources that tie the music into key curriculum areas ranging from history and literacy to IT and science. CBH has also donated musical instruments to several schools, and its support extends to the wider community as well, enabling live performances at the hugely popular agricultural field days held throughout the region.

“There’s a wonderful story from this year’s Dowerin Field Day,” adds van Tuinen. “A little girl from Wyalkatchem Primary School came along with her Dad. She wasn’t at all interested in the ‘crop information’ that he was there for, but instead made a beeline for our display of musical instruments. She’d had Musica Viva at her school and loved it. Who knows? Maybe we’ve set her on a different path for life!”

Presented in October by the Hon. David Templeman, WA Minister for Culture and the Arts, the awards also saw Wesfarmers Arts honoured in the ‘Outstanding Long-Term Partnerships’ category for their 21-year partnership with Musica Viva.  

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