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Connecting with Students with Autism

Amanaska found their own way to relate to communicate musical ideas with autistic children.

Connecting with children with autism can be a huge musical challenge, but a recent Musica Viva In Schools concert at a school for autism in suburban Melbourne was able to relate to students in profound ways. MVIS ensemble Amanaska took the students on an interactive auditory and visual tour of world music.

“Amazing learning happened both in the lead-up to the concert and the actual concert experience. Many of our students have difficulties with expressive language. Through encouraging them to sing the ‘oo’ melodic phrase in Freedom Dance as part of our welcome song, students practised using a singing voice and approximating a tune. One student actually began to produce an ‘oo’ sound, making a very good start towards developing speech! Students also enjoyed taking part in circle dances providing safe and social opportunities for them to move to music.”

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