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Music Education



Music brings joy, happiness and the freedom for children to let their imaginations soar and explore a world of discovery and creativity.

Musica Viva believes that every child should have access to a quality music education. Music overcomes cultural, social and language barriers, with leading world educators prioritising music education within schools. However, in Australia, over 60% of children do not have access to classroom music.

Since 1981, our programs have inspired, educated and enriched the lives of students and teachers around Australia through premium quality live music performances, the latest teaching technologies and accredited professional development for teachers.

Last year, through the generous support of donors and strategic partners, Musica Viva delivered programs to over a quarter of a million children around Australia at just a fraction of the real cost. With almost three million children in this country between the ages of 5-14 years (2016 Census data), there is still much work to do. Musica Viva aims to double its reach with live performances and the latest teaching technologies by 2020, however this can only be accomplished with the generosity of our supporters.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Musica Viva In Schools today and transform the lives of Australian children through music. With your help, we can make a difference.


Musica Viva In Schools is committed to delivering high quality live music experiences to all Australian children and their teachers regardless of geographic or socioeconomic status, or any level of disadvantage.

Equal Music is a donor-funded initiative that provides a further subsidy on the cost of the Musica Viva In Schools program disadvantaged schools and students.

The Equal Music program subsidises the cost of school concerts, ensemble travel costs and digital teaching resources. In 2019, through the support of our donors and partners, the Equal Music program was able to provide additional subsidies to 20% of Musica Viva In Schools participants.


We believe that for music to have a lasting impact on communities, we must give teachers skills and tools to implement in the classroom. At the core of Musica Viva is our firm commitment to professional development for teachers, with a specific focus on learning activities that empower generalist teachers to implement music education in the classroom more effectively, and with confidence.

Musica Viva In Schools (MVIS) is proud to support teachers in increasing their capacity to teach music in the classroom through a range of complimentary online and face-to-face professional development opportunities, offering events throughout the year that are designed for both generalist classroom teachers and music specialists. These events are hands-on and interactive, providing practical skills and ideas for use in the classroom.

In 2019, over 3,700 general classroom teachers and music specialists attended a Musica Viva In Schools professional learning course with many of our courses fully subscribed. Musica Viva is striving to increase engagement with teachers from across Australia in Music Education Professional Development in 2020.

“I have no experience in teaching music, except for 1/4 of an arts unit at uni. I am excited to try some of the activities presented in class soon!” - WA Teacher

“Great opportunity to collaborate and make music with colleagues. I am more confident with using ideas” - VIC Teacher

“I have always wanted to incorporate my previous experience and love of music into my teaching yet wasn't sure where to start adapting knowledge into real activities. This was extremely translatable into the classroom” - NSW Teacher

“I was hesitant to come thinking the program was too advanced for me. However, I am very glad I came as it was fabulous” - ACT Teacher

“Loved it - lots of fun - most engaging - great relaxed presenter/presentation - showing that music IS accessible to all” - ACT Teacher

“These activities could be shared with our network of music teachers in catholic schools. It's just great to get new ideas that are very practical” - QLD Teacher

“I would be proud to develop these ideas first in my classroom and perform these for colleagues in ESL and learning support programs” - NT Teacher

“I attended as a parent of an autistic child and found lots of useful ideas that I think will really engage his interest” - SA Parent

Please help us build our teachers’ skills, confidence and capacity by making a gift today.


Indigenous Ensembles

Musica Viva In Schools has built a long-term partnership with NAISDA Dance College to enable schoolchildren to experience aspects of First Nations culture first-hand and empower teachers to include Indigenous song and dance as part of their classroom activities.

Over the period 2013-2018, ensemble Dätiwuy Dreaming, which celebrates the culture of the Yolngu community from Elcho Island in Arnhem Land, reached 172 schools, 53,500 students, and approximately 520 teachers in WA, NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

From 2018-2020, Torres Straits ensemble, Wyniss has toured Australian schools. Wyniss provides a unique and complementary Indigenous experience to Dätiwuy Dreaming, presenting original material by musician and dancer Dujon Niue, and drawing heavily on Dujon’s experiences of growing up on Mua Island in the Torres Strait.

If you share our goal of nurturing Indigenous traditions through music and ensuring all students learn First Nations culture, please donate.


Prompted by the latest research that shows powerful benefits to disadvantaged children who receive long-term exposure to music training, Musica Viva has built a model of intensive residencies. These residencies bring Musica Viva In Schools artists and educators together with a school’s teachers and community for a long-term collaboration that has lasting impact far beyond the life of the residency.

Building the capacity of generalist classroom teachers to deliver music education is a key focus area for Musica Viva. This is particularly vital in the face of declining hours spent on music education by pre-service teachers over their undergraduate teaching degree (an average of only 6-hours in Australia), and an alarmingly small number of music specialist teachers in schools, particularly in the public sector and in low socioeconomic schools.

Key to these residencies are the following principles:

· A three-year program to provide the catalyst to embed music in the school’s culture;

· Musica Viva provides the curriculum, resources and music technology;

· A dedicated coordinator from the school is trained to implement the program;

· Professional Teaching Artists run workshops with the children every week;

· Experienced Teaching Artists create peer-supported, creative spaces for teachers and students;

· Musica Viva educators run workshops with the teachers on bringing music into the general classroom;

· Musica Viva partners with affiliate organisations, instrument providers, professional musicians, performance groups and private philanthropists to deliver the program.

· After three years, the school assumes full responsibility for the students’ ongoing music education, having (as a result of the residency) the necessary resources, tools, connections and culture to do so.

Musica Viva’s Intensive Music Residencies have an exceptionally deep and long-lasting impact. Due to the cost and duration of this program, the Musica Viva Intensive Music Residency requires the collaboration of teachers, Musica Viva staff, and professional musicians and specialists. Musica Viva relies on the generous support of donors including philanthropic trusts and foundations, and groups of individuals that pool resources and take ownership of a particular school residency’s funding.

If you would like to support an Intensive Music Residency within a school, please contact Musica Viva.


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