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Artist Development

Aura Go and Matthias Schack-Arnott, 2018-19 artists. Image: Keith Saunders.

Musica Viva is investing significantly in the future of chamber music by supporting the next generations of musicians through the FutureMakers artist leadership initiative.

Under the direction of Artistic Director Genevieve Lacey, FutureMakers discovers and enables brilliant early career artists to become Australia’s musical leaders of tomorrow. With the skills developed during their time in the initiative, these leaders will contribute to Australia’s cultural, education and research communities, creating new work, knowledge and audiences.    

The members of woodwind ensemble Arcadia Winds were the inaugural FutureMakers 2015-2017 artists. Their involvement in the initiative saw the group have a significant national and international performing impact, as well as giving them a strong understanding of their artistic identity and opening them up to wider range of performance and collaboration possibilities.

Aura Go, piano and Matthias Schack-Arnott, percussive artist, are the FutureMakers 2018-19 artists. Across their two years in the initiative, they will be provided with mentoring from industry professionals, introductions to a strategic network, performance opportunities, and funding and support to each conceive and create one, ambitious, full-length music-centred performance project. Dynamic in content and delivery, these projects are unashamedly contemporary and experiential, created for diverse audiences and enhancing both the artists’ and Musica Viva’s brands.

To find out all the latest news visit Futuremakers.

Help us to ensure a bright future for our artform by supporting the FutureMakers initiative today.



An introduction to Aura Go.

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