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Masterclasses are conducted by artists touring as part of Musica Viva's International Concert Season and provide students, music teachers and audiences of all ages with a unique, impactful and also fun learning experience.

Every Masterclass is different, exploring a diverse range of classical music in a highly entertaining and engaging format.

Musica Viva works with a number of teaching institutions and music organisations around Australia to select students to take part in the Masterclass program, offering them access to mentoring from some of the best musicians in the world.

Musica Viva Masterclasses also invite audiences to go 'behind the scenes' and discover the unique ways internationally-acclaimed musicians interpret and perform music by the world's greatest composers.

Masterclasses are a highly enriching learning experience for music teachers wishing to develop their own approach to teaching music, as well as a fantastic shared activity to attend with their own music students. In most states, attendance at a Musica Viva Masterclass is recognised as professional development for teachers.


FutureMakers discovers and enables brilliant early career artists to become Australia’s musical leaders of tomorrow. The initiative’s two-year part-time program is centred on the development and creation of a performance project, supported by a professional development curriculum focused on nurturing artistic leadership, developing entrepreneurial capabilities and shaping the sector’s future.

With the skills developed during their time in the initiative, these leaders will contribute to Australia’s cultural, education and research communities, creating new work, knowledge and audiences.


Aura Go "One Space One" Trailer

Matthias Schack-Arnott “Shimmer States” Trailer