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Major Prizes

Awarded during Finals Weekend

First Prize - The Robert Salzer Prize $5,000

Second Prize - The Paul Morawetz Prize $4,000

Third Prize - The Laura Brown Prize $2,500

Audience Prize - The Peter Druce Prize $2,000

Australian National Academy of Music Prize - For a string quartet who the adjudicators believe would most benefit from a week-long coaching residency at ANAM in November/December 2020.

  • Travel & accommodation for four participants;
  • Coaching staff and program;
  • Rehearsal  room;
  • Closed performance opportunity at end of week 

Cash and development prizes

Melbourne Recital Centre Regional Prize - For a group that resides outside one of the major capital cities. All-access pass to selected MRC concerts for one week, including travel and accommodation. Generously financially supported by Tom Breen.

AMEB Emerging Ensemble Encouragement Award - $1,000 worth of sheet music for a group that shows a need for additional resources, and does not progress to the Semi Final round.

Australian Composition Prize - For the best performance of an Australian work, including compositions by the entrants. $1500 cash.

Casio Prizes - For a group from a school or institution in need of a better piano. First prize - 1 school or music institution will receive 1 x Casio PXS3000 Digital Piano, valued at $1499.95 RRP each
Runners up prizes - 2 schools or music institutions will receive 1 x CASIO PXS1000 Digital Pianos, valued at $1099.95 RRP each. Find out how you can win here.

Novice Prize - If every member of your group has been learning their instrument for less than 2 years you may be eligible to win a novice prize. Find out how to enter.

Innovation Award - For the ensemble who throws the most interesting light on what chamber music can be. $500 cash

At the discretion of the Artistic Director, one or more prizes may be awarded at First Round stage in each of the following categories: 

Woodwind - groups that include at least 50% woodwind instruments

Brass - groups that include at least 50% brass instruments

Percussion - groups that include at least 50% percussion instruments

String - groups that include at least 50% string instruments

Vocal - groups that include at least one vocalist

Keyboard - groups that include at least one keyboard instrument 

Junior - groups in which all players are in school grade 9 or under

Casio first round prizes - 3 x CT-S300BK portable keyboards, valued at $349.95 RRP each