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How you can help the arts in Australia

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Shared via Live Performance Australia. 

Event cancellations and postponements across Australia are having an unprecedented impact on the live performance industry with thousands of permanent and casual staff losing their jobs and income, companies at risk of closing and widespread uncertainty in the industry.

Our live performance industry understands the importance of stopping the spread of COVID-19 and the government’s public health measures to ‘flatten the curve’ by banning mass gatherings and nonessential events. However, the government must show its support for the live performance industry, and we need your help.

What can you do?

  • The government needs to hear from you
  • All industry workers are urged to record a short message and let the government know about the impact of the shutdown on our industry
  • We need the government to urgently announce an emergency support package to deal with the imminent loss of thousands of jobs, companies closing and hundreds of millions of dollars in income across the live performance sector
  • Upload your message on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and hashtag #livesupport
  • Get the government’s attention by sharing this message widely across our industry

Key messages you can include in your video:

  • We understand the importance of stopping the spread and public health measures to try and contain coronavirus by banning mass gatherings and events
  • But this will take a heavy toll on our industry and the people who work in it
  • Shows are being cancelled; jobs are being lost NOW
  • A lot of the burden will fall on the people who work behind the scenes to bring you gigs, shows and festivals - the big army of casual workers on our production and technical crews and venue staff
  • Not to mention all of those who work in hospitality at or around live performance venues
  • We're doing our bit to stop the spread - but government must also support our industry through this very difficult time
  • Jobs and income being lost - NOW - and it may take months to recover
  • Government must show its support for live performance industry - especially our casual workforce who as of today will have no jobs and no income
  • Join us in showing your support for #livesupport

For more information please contact Live Performance Australia on (03) 8614 2000 or [email protected]





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