Masterclass with Sabine Meyer & Alliage Quintett

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Masterclass with Sabine Meyer & Alliage Quintett

9 Mar 2018


Sabine Meyer is one of the reasons solo clarinettists exist at all. One of the first women to be offered principal positions with leading European orchestras, her extraordinary abilities took her on an exclusive path to become one of the most famous clarinet soloists ever. Though concerts have naturally been a large part of her career, she also has a special love for chamber music, which she will share in this rare visit to Australia.

Comprising four brilliant saxophone soloists and a charismatic pianist, the Alliage Quintett seeks out exceptionally belnded sounds from its unusual line-up, with fabulous results.

In this Masterclass, audiences are invited to go ‘behind-the-scenes’ and observe Sabine and Daniel Gauthier of Alliage Quintett working with talented musicians, learning techniques to enhance their performance and musical interpretation.


Attend a Musica Viva Masterclass and witness talented young music students being mentored by the world's finest chamber musicians. Each Masterclass is conducted by an international touring artist and offers a unique perspective on music interpretation, technique and performance. The masterclass program provides students, music teachers and audiences of all ages with an entertaining and enriching learning experience.

Presented in partnership with Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Event Dates

  • Sydney, NSW 09 Mar 2018 4:00 PM


Sydney Sydney Conservatorium of Music


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