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Water, Water, Everywhere

exploring music through water

Water, Water, Everywhere is based on music by the Grammy Award winning composer Tan Dun, which beautifully evokes memories of his childhood in the waterlogged rice fields of China.

Bringing this world to life is Thea Rossen, who plays vibraphone and an array of other percussion instruments in water, including gongs, bells, wooden bowls and tin cans. She leads an ensemble comprised of Luke Carbon on clarinet and Leigh Harrold on keyboard. Students get to create their own music out of water, and come to appreciate that water is a precious resource.

THEA ROSSEN vibraphone, percussion
LUKE CARBON clarinet

"I really like how they get the students involved, getting them up on stage and playing the instruments...being part of the show" Melissa Buchanan, Vaucluse Public School

Foundation - Year 8

Links to other learning:
Science and technology, Geography, History

General capabilities:
Literacy, critical and creative thinking


Tour Dates

  • Melbourne VIC Term 2, 2019 (4 - 7 & 17 - 19 June)
  • South Western Sydney NSW Term 3, 2019 (19 - 30 August)
  • Adelaide SA Term 3, 2019 (29 July - 2 August)
  • Country South SA Term 3, 2019 (5 - 9 August)
  • Barwon South West VIC Term 3, 2019 (2 - 11 September)
  • Grampians VIC Term 3, 2019 (2 - 11 September)
  • Loddon Mallee VIC Term 3, 2019 (2 - 11 September)