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Creation through connection

The four members of Eastwinds show students how to share and express their personal experiences by making up music on the spot!  An Estonian singer, Persian ney (flute) and daf (drum) player, a musical-instrument inventor and didgeridoo virtuoso draw on their own diverse backgrounds to create a sound that is uniquely theirs. Eastwinds encourage students to express their own individuality through improvising; allowing students and musicians to create and connect with each other.


KRISTIINA MAALAPS vocals, jaw harp
ESFANDIA SHAHMIR daf (drum), ney (flute)
MARK CAIN reed instruments

"I'm really looking forward to sharing the instruments I've made and others discovered during distant travels. There's a beautiful world of sound out there!" Mark Cain, Eastwinds

Foundation - Year 8



Tour Dates

  • Melbourne VIC Term 2, 2019 (23 - 31 May)
  • Geraldton & the Coral Coast WA Term 3, 2019 (29 July - 7 August)
  • Perth WA Term 3, 2019 (2 - 13 September)
  • South West WA Term 3, 2019 (19 - 28 August)

What can students expect from an Eastwinds performance?