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Adam Hall & The Velvet Players

Classic rhythm & blues

Singer/trumpeter Adam Hall and his foot-stomping, hip-wiggling, shoulder-shaking “little big band” are the real deal. Worshipping at the altar of soul icons James Brown, Ray Charles and Harry Connick Jr, Adam and his Velvet Players have toured the world to great acclaim, and now they’re back in Australia to take you on your own tour of the classic Rhythm & Blues  of the 1940s and ’50s. Prepare to be swung hard through some of Adam’s awesome originals too. Click here for more infomation about Adam Hall & The Velvet Players.

Gippsland, Barwon South West, Grampians, Hume & Loddon Mallee tour dates: 
Term 3 (20 August - 7 September)

Melbourne tour dates:
Term 3 (10 - 14 September)
Term 4 (22 October - 2 November)

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Childhood memories from China

New in 2018!

Water, Water, Everywhere is based on music by the Grammy Award winning composer Tan Dun, which beautifully evokes memories of his childhood in the waterlogged rice fields of China. Bringing this world to life is Thea Rossen, who plays vibraphone and an array of other percussion instruments in water, including gongs, bells, wooden bowls and tin cans. She leads an ensemble comprised of Luke Carbon on clarinet and Leigh Harrold on keyboard. Students get to create their own music out of water, and come to appreciate that water is a precious resource. Click here for more information about Water, Water, Everywhere.

Melbourne tour dates: Select Thursdays & Fridays in Terms 2 - 4 , see below:
Thursday 24 May & Friday 25 May
Thursday 31 May & Friday 1 June
Thursday 16 August & Friday 17 August
Thursday 23 August & Friday 24 August
Thursday 22 November & Friday 23 November

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The Air I Breathe

Find your breath, find your voice

In a dazzling display of virtuosity, the three members of The Air I Breathe show how, through musical instruments, the human body can harness the power of air and use it to express our identity in a unique way. A clarinet, a bassoon and flute magically conjure up a rainy day in bed, a fairy tale world beyond imagination, the god of the East Wind, and a steaming locomotive. Students then learn how to master their own breath and use it as a creative, joyful and life affirming force. Click here for more information about The Air I Breathe.

Melbourne tour dates: Terms 1, 2 & 4 
Term 1: 13 March - 20 March
Term 2: 16 April - 18 May & 7 June - 19 June
Term 4: 8 October - 2 November & 26 November - 14 December

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Global song & dance

Mara! are multi-award winning masters of world music and in constant demand all over the globe. Centred around the extraordinary voice of founder Mara Kiek, this ensemble of virtuoso musicians uses woodwinds, double bass and plucked string instruments like bouzoukis and ba─člamas to conjure up a unique, jazz flavoured, multicultural world of song. Students will learn songs and dances, and be given unique insights into some of the uncommon rhythms and scales that make up music from Ireland, Turkey and Bulgaria. Click here for more information about Mara!

Melbourne tour dates: Term 2 (21 May - 1 June)

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