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Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast


Doctor Stovepipe

Gypsy swing, ragtime and hot jazz

Down a dusty road from the 1930s comes Doctor Stovepipe, a rollicking, old-time ensemble of guitar, bass, fiddle and sweet vocal harmonies. Each appointment is a swinging dose of fun, and a demonstration of how songs evolve and change as they are passed on from one musician to the next. Students learns how the simplest sounds and stories can be turned into toe-tapping tunes; and that when it comes to making music, no road map is required. Click here for more information about Doctor Stovepipe.

Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast, QLD: Term 2 (21 - 30 May)
Darling Downs & South Western region QLD tour dates: Term 2 (21 - 30 May)

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Best of Brass

There’s nothing like the sound of five brass instruments to get an audience to sit up and take notice. With trumpets, trombones, and a French Horn, BoB play music written by composers from across the world: tango legends, Australian waltzes, classical masters, and Kazakh folk music. Famous for their dynamic, larger than life performances, BoB are also experts at explaining where the strange, bendy metal tubes they play come from, and how they work. Click here for more information about BoB.

Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast, QLD tour dates: Terms 2 - 4

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Music inspired by the environment

Over the course of an hour, the musicians of Zeeko transport students on a journey across the earth’s ecosystem.  This eclectic rock band – with male and female voices, guitar, bass and percussion – compose original songs about fast food, golden frogs and the deep ocean, with influences ranging from bluegrass, the Caribbean, jazz and ambient music. With glass bottles, squeaky toys and body percussion, students are able to engage their own creativity to explore a fundamental message: nature is calling to us, and it’s time to listen. Click here for more information about Zeeko.

Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast, QLD tour dates: Term 3 (30 July - 10 August)
Central Queensland, North Coast Region, Mackay & Whitsundays QLD tour dates: Term 3 (3- 21 September)

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Torres Strait song & dance

New in 2018!

On the surface, childhood games seem like pure fun —  but they are also an important record of who we are and where we come from. From spinning tops to string figures, this wildly entertaining and colourfully costumed ensemble show how culture and history are passed on through singing and dancing. By comparing their own childhood games to those from the remote Torres Strait, students come to understand the importance of traditions, and to be thankful to those who teach them. Presented by Musica Viva In Schools in conjunction with NAISDA. Click here for more information about Wyniss.

Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast, QLD tour dates: Term 3 (20 August - 7 September) 
North Queensland & Far North QLD tour dates: Term 3 (23 July - 8 August) - SOLD OUT!