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Indonesian Gamelan

Makukuhan are a dynamic mini-Gamelan orchestra, whose performances are a riot of colour and rhythm, including pitch-bending drums, a mesmerising masked dance and unbelievably rapid Javanese clapping. Gamelan features a series of bronze gongs and metallaphones and is integral to Indonesian culture. Students will be captivated by the patternbased sequences that have made the Gamelan one of the world’s most influential musical exports of the 20th century. Click here to find out more about Makukuhan.


Western Region, NSW tour dates: Term 2 (21 May - 8 June)

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Percussion quartet

B’Tutta are a brilliant percussion ensemble with a gift for removing barriers for anyone else who wants to make music. Students are integrated into the group from the very beginning, where they build the courage and confidence to become conductors, composers and players. B’Tutta’s inspirations are as diverse as Brazilian Samba to Tokyo subways and their instruments range from marimbas to vibraphones, to Latin American percussion. Click here to find out more about B'Tutta.


Western Region, NSW tour dates: 
Term 3 (17 - 21 September)
Term 4 (29 October - 9 November)


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