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Da Vinci's Apprentice

Every child is an inventor

New in 2018!

Roberta, a talented girl living in 16th century Italy, dreams of becoming an apprentice to the greatest inventor of all, Leonardo da Vinci. Along the way, she meets a trio of musicians equipped with the weird and wonderful instruments of their time. With music by young Australian composer, Sally Greenaway, and script by writers Catherine Prosser and Paul Bissett, Da Vinci’s Apprentice is an original musical journey of discovery where students are challenged to expect the unexpected both during the performance and in the classroom. Click here to find out more about Da Vinci's Apprentice.

Sydney East & City, NSW tour dates: Term 4 (November)

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Percussion quartet

B’Tutta are a brilliant percussion ensemble with a gift for removing barriers for anyone else who wants to make music. Students are integrated into the group from the very beginning, where they build the courage and confidence to become conductors, composers and players. B’Tutta’s inspirations are as diverse as Brazilian Samba to Tokyo subways and their instruments range from marimbas to vibraphones, to Latin American percussion. Click here to find out more about B'Tutta.


Sydney East & City, NSW tour dates: Term 2 (Wednesdays)

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Best of Brass

There’s nothing like the sound of five brass instruments to get an audience to sit up and take notice. With trumpets, trombones and a French Horn, BoB play music written by composers from across the world: tango legends, Australian waltzes, classical masters and Kazakh folk music. Famous for their dynamic, larger than life performances, BoB are also experts at explaining where the strange, bendy metal tubes they play come from, and how they work. Click here to find out more about Best of Brass.


Sydney East & City, NSW tour dates:
Term 3 (20 - 31 August)

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Childhood memories from China

New in 2018!

Water, Water, Everywhere is based on music by the Grammy Award winning composer Tan Dun, which beautifully evokes memories of his childhood in the waterlogged rice fields of China. Bringing this world to life is Thea Rossen, who plays vibraphone and an array of other percussion instruments in water, including gongs, bells, wooden bowls and tin cans. She leads an ensemble with Luke Carbon on clarinet and Leigh Harrold on keyboard. Students get to create their own music out of water, and come to appreciate that water is a precious resource. Click here to find out more about Water, Water, Everywhere.


Sydney East & City, NSW tour dates: Term 2 (18 - 29 June) - SOLD OUT!


Torres Strait song and dance

New in 2018!

On the surface, childhood games seem like pure fun, but they are also an important record of who we are and where we come from. From spinning tops to string figures, this wildly entertaining and colourfully costumed ensemble show how culture and history are passed on through singing and dancing. By comparing their own childhood games to those from the remote Torres Strait, students come to understand the importance of traditions and to be thankful to those who teach them. Presented by Musica Viva In Schools in conjunction with NAISDA. Click here to find out more about Wyniss.

Sydney East & City, NSW tour dates: Term 3 (17 - 28 September) - SOLD OUT!