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The Air I Breathe

Find your breath, find your voice

In a dazzling display of virtuosity, the three members of The Air I Breathe show how, through musical instruments, the human body can harness the power of air and use it to express our identity in a unique way. A clarinet, a bassoon and flute magically conjure up a rainy day in bed, a fairy tale world beyond imagination, the god of the East Wind, and a steaming locomotive. Students then learn how to master their own breath and use it as a creative, joyful and life affirming force. Click here to find out more about The Air I Breathe.


South Western Sydney, NSW tour dates: Term 2 (21 - 25 May)

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West African music and dance

Led by charismatic Senegalese musician Pape M’Baye (who has shared the stage with music legends BB King, Miles Davis and Ringo Starr), Teranga’s percussion-based music transports audiences to a world of poetic, rhythmic storytelling, where tales of small village life become metaphors for how we live today. Anyone who has seen Teranga knows active participation from students is a vital ingredient in the on-stage alchemy. Click here to find out more about Teranga.


South Western Sydney, NSW: Term 3 (Wednesdays and Thursdays)

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Indonesian Gamelan

Makukuhan are a dynamic mini-Gamelan orchestra, whose performances are a riot of colour and rhythm, including pitch-bending drums, a mesmerising masked dance and unbelievably rapid Javanese clapping. Gamelan features a series of bronze gongs and metallaphones and is integral to Indonesian culture. Students will be captivated by the pattern-based sequences that have made the Gamelan one of the world’s most influential musical exports of the 20th century. Click here to find out more about Makukuhan.


South Western Sydney, NSW: Term 4 (22 October - 30 October)

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