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The Air I Breathe

Find your breath, find your voice

In a dazzling display of virtuosity, the three members of The Air I Breathe show how, through musical instruments, the human body can harness the power of air and use it to express our identity in a unique way. A clarinet, a bassoon and flute magically conjure up a rainy day in bed, a fairy tale world beyond imagination, the god of the East Wind, and a steaming locomotive. Students then learn how to master their own breath and use it as a creative, joyful and life affirming force. Click here to find out more about The Air I Breathe.


Riverina Region, NSW tour dates: Term 2 (28 May - 6 June)

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The art of Japanese drumming

In constant demand all over the world, Taikoz are delighted to be able to bring their dynamic and heartstopping traditional Japanese music to Australian schools. Centred around the Taiko drums, Taikoz shows are so engrossing because they are seen, heard and felt: students literally become sounding boards, vibrating along with the explosive energy coming from the stage – a stage some will even find themselves sharing with these masters of rhythm. Click here to find out more about Taikoz.


Riverina Region, NSW tour dates: Term 4 (5 -9 November)

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