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Illawarra & South Coast Region


Doctor Stovepipe

Gypsy swing, ragtime and hot jazz

Down a dusty road from the 1930s comes Doctor Stovepipe, a rollicking, old-time ensemble of guitar, bass, fiddle and sweet vocal harmonies. Each appointment is a swinging dose of fun, and a demonstration of how songs evolve and change as they are passed on from one musician to the next. Students learn how the simplest sounds and stories can be turned into toe-tapping tunes; and that when it comes to making music, no road map is required. Click here to find out more about Doctor Stovepipe.


Illawarra & South Coast Region, NSW tour dates: Term 2 (12 - 29 June)

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March of the Fire Ants

Songs from your backyard

A fantastic musical world is brought to life by Australian composer Paul Kopetz. Students will discover music that showcases the inhabitants of the fire tree, including jet fighter lorikeets, swarming fire ants and machine-like cicadas. Performed by ensemble Entourage, featuring voice, cello, clarinet and keyboard, this performance paints a vivid and immersive picture of an Aussie backyard. Don’t miss the opportunity for students to join in with musicians to make a musical storybook from the sights and sounds of their own worlds! Click here to find out more about March of the Fire Ants.


Illawarra & South Coast Region, NSW tour dates: Term 4 (22 October - 2 November)

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