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Da Vinci's Apprentice

Every child is an inventor

New in 2018!

Roberta, a talented girl living in 16th century Italy, dreams of becoming an apprentice to the greatest inventor of all, Leonardo da Vinci. Along the way, she meets a trio of musicians equipped with the weird and wonderful instruments of their time. With music by young Australian composer, Sally Greenaway, and script by writers Catherine Prosser and Paul Bissett, Da Vinci’s Apprentice is an original musical journey of discovery where students are challenged to expect the unexpected both during the performance and in the classroom. Click here to find out more about Da Vinci's Apprentice.


Greater Western Sydney, NSW tour dates: Term 3 (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

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Doctor Stovepipe

Gypsy swing, ragtime and hot jazz

Down a dusty road from the 1930s comes Doctor Stovepipe, a rollicking, old-time ensemble of guitar, bass, fiddle and sweet vocal harmonies. Each appointment is a swinging dose of fun, and a demonstration of how songs evolve and change as they are passed on from one musician to the next. Students learn how the simplest sounds and stories can be turned into toe-tapping tunes; and that when it comes to making music, no road map is required. Click here to find out more about Doctor Stovepipe.


Greater Western Sydney, NSW tour dates: Term 1 (10 - 16 March), Term 2 (2 - 6 July)

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The art of Japanese drumming

In constant demand all over the world, Taikoz are delighted to be able to bring their dynamic and heartstopping traditional Japanese music to Australian schools. Centred around the Taiko drums, Taikoz shows are so engrossing because they are seen, heard and felt: students literally become sounding boards, vibrating along with the explosive energy coming from the stage – a stage some will even find themselves sharing with these masters of rhythm. Click here to find out more about Taikoz.


Greater Western Sydney, NSW tour dates: 
Term 2 (18 - 29 June)
Term 4 (29 October - 2 November)

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