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Musica Viva in Schools program

Online platform for Musica Viva in Schools packages

Each package consists of:

  • full term's worth of lesson plans and activities
  • fun activities
  • audio and video content, including demonstrations of musical activites
  • interactive lessons to encourage student participation
  • music and creative arts curriculum specific content as well as cross-curriculum links, all aligning with state and national curricula

Extension programs


Musicassentials are a suite of digital resources that each takes a simple musical idea and builds around it a framework for an entire term's worth of work of teaching materials - all closely linked to the Australian Curriculum. Accessible on your computer or laptop via a USB.


What is a module?
Each module uses a simple musical idea to form the framework for a whole term of music and contain a rich set of classroom activities, multi-media resources, learning experience and assessment plans, and links to the Australia Curriculum.

How can I access Musicassentials?
Musicassentials is compatible with all IT environments. You can use Musica Viva's MV player to access modules on personal computers or laptops (Mac or PC), with or without an interactive whiteboard, e-beam or data projector.

Will a group come and perform a live concert in my school?
No. Musicassentials is a stand-alone product that does not require a live performance and is purchased as a seperate resource from our Live Performance Plus program.

How do I get help with Musicassentials?
Call the helpdesk on 1300 855 358 or email

Student workshops

Our dynamic, interactive student workshops are a natural extension of the Musica Viva in Schools program, tailored specifically to your needs and designed to further enhance the student learning experience.


Do you need help composing a shcool song or music coaching for your school band?

Our residency programs are tailored to suit your needs, providing students and teachers with the opportunity to work alongside professional musicians.


A cutting-edge series of digital interactive books that have been designed to put learning directly into the hands of students, encouraging engagement through play and independent exploration.