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Frequently asked questions

Music classroom resources

What are music classroom resources?
Each resource uses a simple musical idea to form the framework for a whole term of music and contain a rich set of interactive classroom activities, multimedia resources, learning experience and assessment plans, and links to the Australia Curriculum.

How can I access the resources ?
They are accessible via personal computers or laptops (Mac or PC), with or without an interactive whiteboard, e-beam or data projector.

Will a group come and perform a live concert in my school?
No. Our music classroom resources are stand-alone products that do not require a live performance and are purchased as separate resources from our Musica Viva In Schools program..

How do I get help with the resources?
Call the helpdesk on 1300 855 358 or email [email protected]

Musica Viva In Schools in supported by the Australia Government through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the Quality Outcomes programme.