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Music Classroom Resources

Musicassentials are a suite of digital resources that each take a simple musical idea and build a framework around it for an entire term's worth of teaching – and can be used by both generalist classroom teachers and music specialists. All resources are closely linked to the Australian Curriculum and are accessible via our online platform.

To help the transition into remote and digital learning, we are making four of our most popular modules available for free! Simply visit and log in using the credentials provided to gain access.

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Nursery Rhymes : Game Songs
Students explore and develop confidence in performing nursery rhymes using pitch, rhythm and text. Students contribute ideas for their own compositions in song, movement and instrumental accompaniment.

Nursery Rhymes : Telling Stories
Students explore and develop confidence in performing nursery rhymes using pitch, rhythm and text. Students contribute ideas for their own compositions in song, movement and instrumental accompaniment. Students improvise on Nursery Rhymes.

Foundation - Year 2

The Lonesome Boatman : Compose and Play
Students create musical ideas using words, sounds, symbols, movement and interactive digital media to compose and play a soundscape. The Lonesome Boatman includes clear links to literacy with exploration of descriptive vocabulary.

Wimoweh : Explore and Discover
Using The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Students explore group composition and arranging activities to develop singing, movement and instrumental skills. Students appreciate the link between various art forms, resulting in a class performance.

Year 3 - Year 4

Calypso : Sounds and Rounds
Using a simple round, students develop singing, instrumental and movement skills, as well as the ability to listen attentively and make constructive responses to their own work and that of their peers. Students practice arranging skills to create a version of the song incorporating melodic & rhythmic accompaniment, and beat & structure in the development of a performance for an audience.

Esther the Cat : Create and Respond
Students use the music of a string quartet to develop instrumental performance, body percussion and movement skills. Students respond to focused listening, viewing and exploring interactive resources using music terminology. Students practise composition and arranging skills to create soundscapes using the elements of melody, rhythm, beat, timbre, structure and texture, as well as develop graphic scores of their work.

Mairi’s Wedding : Irish Folk
Students will experience a series of listening activities to understand the structure of this catchy Gaelic piece; singing the story, exploring movement possibilities and creating a drumming pattern accompaniment.

Year 5 - Year 6

Kele Meryem : Turkish Dance
Using traditional Turkish dance repertoire, students develop skills in instrumental performance, song and dance. Focused listening is explored, as well as compositional and arranging possibilities related to movement and body percussion, leading to a classroom performance.

Cherokee Morning : American Harmony
Using close harmonies in the style of African and American music, students explore musical elements through the composition of a soundscape with particular attention to melodic contour and phrasing, focusing on the use of the pentatonic scale, and the playing and singing of simple harmonies.

Daichovo Doncheno : Bulgarian Dance
Through a sequence of creative learning experiences, students will explore rhythmic and structural features of a traditional Bulgarian dance through focussed listening and movement, body percussion and the layering of instruments.

Year 7 - Year 8

Loop : Digital Layering
Students create and arrange melodic and rhythmic loops, using ideas from an instrumental piece inspired by melodies and rhythms found in disco music. Students focus on musical elements within compositions, particularly on structure with layering of phrasing and instrumentation.

Scat Canon : Jazz Vocals
Students explore a simple jazz piece to develop vocal techniques and arranging skills incorporating melody, rhythmic accompaniment, beat, form and structure. Students practice listening skills, providing constructive responses to encourage performance.

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