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About Musicadventures

Our student resources, Musicadventures, are a cutting-edge series of digital interactive books that have been designed to put learning directly into the hands of students, encouraging engagement through play and independent exploration. Musica Viva In Schools is Australia’s leading independent provider of music education and has been recognised by The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom as being among the world leaders in cutting edge digital educational resources.

The Musicadventures interactive book collection can be used in your classroom to encourage life-long learning through curiosity, play, music and achievement. Exposure to music is also a proven way of developing your student’s language, reasoning, creative, social and teamwork skills.

“If you have a classroom full of empowered kids it makes the job for the teacher so much easier. Students who have read the Musicadventures books have talked about it for weeks afterwards,” Carolyn Gibb, Primary Teacher, St Michael’s Primary School, Lane Cove, NSW.

Musicadventures is aimed at children aged between 6-12. Each book supports the Australian Curriculum and comes with teaching notes.

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Interactive Books Available via iTunes:

Wa Wa Waltz

Wa Wa Waltz takes readers on an interactive journey through the musical features of an Australian composition by Graeme Denniss, performed by Queensland ensemble, Best of Brass. This book contains pedagogically designed activities to engage students in the understanding of melodies, rhythm and brass playing techniques.


The Musician's Apprentice

The Musician’s Apprentice enables children to learn about music through play and independent exploration. Readers are taken on an interactive journey through the rich music and culture of Turkey, led by ARIA-award winning ensemble Mara!


Lir Ilir

Lir Ilir takes students on a journey through the unique music and culture of Indonesia, led by Gamelan group, Makukuhan.  In this iBook, students can try playing the kendang and rebana, practice rhythm and melody, write lyrics and even build their own instrument. The book is aimed at primary school-age children.

Last Wave of the Golden Frog

Last Wave of the Golden Frog allows students to explore themes of conservation and the environment with NSW based group, Zeeko. Through a range of engaging activities, children discover aspects of song such as instrumentation, composition and improvisation. Aimed at children aged 10-14 years old.


Bushwalk is the second book in the interactive Musicadventures series, which puts learning about music directly into the hands of children. Aimed at children aged 4-6 years old, a range of engaging activities take readers on a magical journey into the Australian bush.


Water, Water, Everywhere!

Water, Water Everywhere is the third book in the interactive Musicadventures series, which puts learning about music directly into the hands of children. Aimed at children aged 8-9 years old, the book allows readers to explore the theme of water.