"Musica Viva PD has given me so many ideas to refresh my teaching & create new learning experiences for my students." Deb Smith, Groves Christian College

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Past PD events

Musica Viva Professional Development events focus on developing music education skills, supporting teachers with tools and techniques for teaching music with confidence in the classroom. All events are aimed at both general primary classroom teachers and music specialists. We are an approved provider of NESA & TQI teacher accreditation, and our events reference AITSL standards.


Rap, Rhythm & Rhyme in the Primary Classroom

This interactive, creative workshop explores the use of the written and spoken word for the development of thematic and rhythmic ideas for composition and performance.


Music for Students with Diverse Needs

This workshop explores the use of music as a connecting tool for children with disabilities and diverse learning and access needs in the classroom.


Storytelling through Music

This interactive workshop introduces strategies and activities for storytelling in the classroom through a rich variety of musical experiences involving singing, playing, moving, composing, notating and listening activities.


Music and Movement

The many creative possibilities inherent in the marriage of music and movement are explored in this practical workshop, which includes a focus on movement and dance activities.


Music and the Natural Environment

This session celebrates the rich sonic potential of the natural world and demonstrated ways to explore that with students through music.


Music and Dance of the Torres Strait Islands

Dujon Niue from Wug Village on Mua (Moa Island) presents a hands-on interactive workshop exploring song, dance and children’s games of the Torres Straits. Sue Lane, a consultant with Musica Viva In Schools, alongside Dujon, explores the music, dance, stories and language of this rich and diverse culture and discusses ways of working with Indigenous creative content in the classroom.


Music and Culture

This PD event explores how culture, history, social studies and geography can be taught through performing, listening and creating music.


Music and Maths

This hands-on workshop considers the mathematical benefits of participation in musical experiences and explores mathematical elements through musical activities.


Music for Student Wellbeing

This PD will present a range of fun music activities that encourage positive thinking, teamwork, creativity and wellbeing - based on recent research into the positive affects of music on the body's immune system and mental health.