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About Professional Development

Musica Viva In Schools are proud to support teachers in increasing their capacity to teach music in the classroom through a range of online and face-to-face professional development opportunities.

Face to face professional development

All Musica Viva face to face PD events cover basic music elements from the F-10 music curriculum and develops them in more sophisticated ways through skills, ideas and activities for use in the classroom immediately. Through a range of practical and creative hands-on activities, teachers will create, and respond to, live music-making experiences. 

These events are for:

These events are designed for both generalist classroom teachers and music specialists. 

Each course will: 

- be hands-on and interactive

- give practical skills and ideas for use in the classroom immediately

- explore basic music elements 

- explore ways to extend basic music elements

- provide opportunities to discuss and share ideas for translating activities to different teaching contexts and links to other learning

Accreditation and standards:

• Musica Viva PD References AITSL standards

• Musica Viva is an approved provider of NESA and TQI accreditation

• All teachers will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation

Online Professional Development

Online PD – included in the Musica Viva In Schools program

Musica Viva online, accredited PD is provided alongside our teaching resources as part of the Musica Viva In Schools program. This online PD will guide you in preparing your students for the live performance and can be accessed by all the teachers at your school. Best of all, online PD can be accessed at a time and a place that suits you. The online PD is nationally accredited and counts towards two hours of PD.  


“As a non-music specialist, the online PD course has greatly improved my own understanding of how to teach music outcomes.”
Caitlin Dunn, non-specialist music teacher, St Joseph’s Primary

“The online professional development reminded me of the diversity of opportunities to compose and create in groups; this will enable me to cater to the diverse learning needs of students.”
Carolyn Brown, music specialist teacher, Ashdale Primary