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Financial Assistance

We are proud to provide financial assistance to schools in need through our Equal Music program. Equal Music is an initiative that provides financial assistance to schools which cannot ordinarily access Live Performance Plus because of location, size or level of resources.

We provide two types of support:

If you are a small school and can’t meet the minimum required number of students (150) for a concert, Equal Music can provide a ‘waiver to minimum’ to cover the gap.

If your students are disadvantaged through socio-economic circumstances or location, Equal Music can provide a subsidy for the cost of the concert or student travel.

The program aims to help schools to become self-sustaining over a period of three years. Despite this, we understand that in some situations a school may never be able to access our Live Performance Plus program without external support. Your MVIS State Manager will take the time to get to know your particular needs and will consult with you about the best level of support we can offer.

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