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Musica Viva In Schools

Students enjoying a Musica Viva In Schools concert

Complete Package of a Live Performance, Resources and Training

Musica Viva’s Live Performance Plus program provides the best possible platform for students to experience live music. Australia’s very best musicians perform live in schools  – we come to you, making the experience as memorable and impactful as possible. No buses, no travel, no wasted time!

• Designed specially for schools, catering for general classroom teachers and music specialists
• Supporting teachers with curriculum aligned digital teaching resources and accredited professional development
• Bringing the best nationally and internationally acclaimed performers direct to schools
• Enriching the lives of students and teachers

How Does It Work?

1. We help you book an outstanding live and interactive performance by some of the best musicians in Australia, tailored to your school.

Expect a fun, exciting and joyous experience that will continue to spark discussion long after the show is over.

2. We supply you with a package of ready to use, digital teaching resources that require no specialised music knowledge, plus further in-depth resources for music specialists. We also provide professional development in person or online, working towards the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

How Do I Book?

Booking is easy, and includes a welcome pack and support from our team of education specialists. Book online, call 1300 663 608 and download our booking form here.


For over 35 years, Musica Viva’s teaching resources have been valued in schools across Australia. Written by a range of highly experienced teachers, and with music education influences spanning Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály and Richard Gill, the activities focus on singing, playing and movement and are suited to every type of classroom. 

Each resource kit is developed to support the live performance group coming to your school. The kits contain:

• Audio tracks of the performing group

• Video demonstrations of instruments and playing styles

• A range of digital interactive activities, such as soundscaping, where students can create musical compositions using samples from the performing group

• Lesson plans for one term’s worth of teaching content, using four musical works as the starting point for creativity and meaningful music learning

• Curriculum links that align content with the Australian curriculum, as well as state curriculums, general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities

• Ideas for integration with other curriculum areas, enabling teachers to integrate the Musica Viva live performance experience with their wider classroom program

Learning experiences for each musical work progress from activities suited to young students and non-music specialists, to more complex experiences for deeper musical understanding. There is something for everyone, no matter what the skill level of teacher or student.


Live Performance Plus includes: a live performance, resources and training
Live performance $7.90 per student (GST free)
Minimum attendance: 150 students
*Small schools of less than 100 students may apply for an exemption or combine with a neighbouring school.

Resources and training $200 per school (GST free)
Approved small schools price is $100.
Includes ready to use digital teaching resources and accredited professional development

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Financial Assistance

We are proud to provide financial assistance to schools in need through our Equal Music program.
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