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About Musica Viva Sessions

Musica Viva Sessions is a unique chamber music experience that invites you to discover surprising collaborations from Australia’s most exciting classical music artists, performing the works they love.

Each Session takes on a fresh new form as a constantly changing roster of musicians takes you into remarkable and inspiring spaces, creating one-night-only chamber music encounters that blend music, place, passion and knowledge.

Highlights from Musica Viva Sessions.

Sessions in 2020

Susan Bradley | 5 February 2020, Sydney 

Join Susan Bradley as she travels to the beginning of tuba history, following its development from the snaky serpent, through the sad tale of the short-lived ophicleide, taking a side trip to the Italian cousin, the cimbasso, and culminating in the modern tuba.

She bravely confronts the loneliness of the solo tuba player in an exploration of music for unaccompanied tuba, featuring composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Barton Cummings, Malcolm Arnold, Lachlan Davidson, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Lennon-McCartney, Don Stratton, Arthur Sullivan, and even Richard the Lionheart.

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Get a feel for Sessions

Watch the video below for a taste of the Musica Viva Sessions experience.

Zephyr Quartet performing at Prohibition Liquor in Adelaide.

Sydney Sessions

5 Feb | Susan Bradley - Australian National Maritime Museum