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The Idea of North

Hearing is believing - a vocal experience like no other.

“In concert, The Idea of North is an absolute joy, creating a series of sounds that will remain with audiences long after the final notes have faded.” In Daily          

Emma Rule soprano

Naomi Crellin alto

Nicholas Begbie tenor

Luke Thompson bass

Kai Kitamura vocal percussion

The Idea of North has always been renowned for its exceptional ability to connect musically and emotionally with an audience. They take songs people know and songs they don’t and tell the stories through their enviably imaginative and arresting vocal arrangements - all without touching an instrument.

Duly recognised in its time, with international recording and performance awards and two ARIA Awards here in Australia, The Idea of North is in its most exciting iteration to date with the addition of the incredible vocal percussionist Kai Kitamura. Kai’s ability to emulate an entire acoustic drum kit with nothing but his microphone is astounding even to the most discerning of audiences, as well as the most rhythmic of drummers.

Although their instrumentation is all voices, this is far from the point of the show. The Idea of North will help you forget there are no instruments with their exceptional delivery of their wonderfully created repertoire, their relaxed and easy rapport with the audience, and the depth of their connection to the stories they sing.

If you think you know the limits of what the human voice can create, then hearing and experiencing this astounding group will make you think again.


In 2019, The Idea of North offers two exciting programs.

‘Groove Sessions’ will astound and move audiences through incredible arrangements, flawless harmonies and faultless performances of contemporary music from the jazz, pop, folk and comedy genres. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…but you’ll mostly laugh – The Idea of North deliver their musical creations and reinventions with a dry, deadpan Australian wit that will leave you wanting a return visit as soon as possible, so that next time you can bring your friends.

‘Ballads by Candlelight’ explores songs of love lost and found, reconciliation and breakdown, heartache and joy - a veritable kaleidoscope of human emotion in music. Come and have these five exceptional singers pour theirs and others’ hearts out in song – this moving performance is both amusing, heartbreaking and beautifully uplifting all at once. An wonderfully emotional, musical journey.

(Ballads by Candlelight is greatly suited to a space with a very live acoustic, such as cathedral or church spaces.)

Performance length for each program – either:

- 1 x 80 minute show (no interval), or

- 1 x 120 minute show (2 x 45min sets + interval)

Technical specifications


The Idea of North Presenter Technical Rider.pdf (128.7 KB)


April and October

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