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Arrebato Ensemble

Music and dance exploring the passion of flamenco

Arrebato Ensemble

Greg Alfonzetti nylon guitar

Damian de Boos-Smith cello, nylon guitar, fretless bass

Byron Mark percussion, piano

Chachy Peñalver dancer

Arrebato Ensemble is Greg Alfonzetti, Damian de Boos-Smith and Byron Mark, three passionate musicians who write with all aspects of their heart, creating a mesmerising and highly dynamic journey for their audience. The group’s music is primarily contemporary flamenco, with elements of classical, jazz, film soundtrack and folk music. Arrebato Ensemble has performed at the Sydney Opera House, regional festivals and at WOMADelaide.


In 2019, Arrebato Ensemble’s program will feature dynamic and emotive instrumental music based in contemporary flamenco, with a spectacular visual aspect added by virtuosic dancer Chachy Peñalver.

Performance length: 60 mins (no interval)

Technical specifications

3 x DI

3  x Vocal Microphone

1 x Cajon Microphone Audix D6

1 x Overhead Microphone

Dancefloor to her specs (plywood or wooden stage or floor, not MDF, too slippery!)


April and October

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