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Trio Gaon

Germany/South Korea

"We each have very distinct personalities, which helps us create our own unique colours and sounds in our music. It takes a lot of time, negotiation, and discussion to create our own voice as an ensemble, but when we succeed, we feel energised, emotional and powerful. We hope this helps us reach and connect with our audiences."  Jehye Lee, violin

Trio Gaon, formed in 2013 by three musicians of very different cultural backgrounds, was created with a vision, represented in the trio's name. The Korean word Gaon has two different meanings: 'Center of the World' and 'Generating Warmth'. Both of these meanings can be connected to a concert performance in which the musicians aspire to make the musical work the 'center of the world' at that moment and through  music convey warmth and energy.

The ensemble was taught by Friedemann Berger, Christoph Poppen at the Munich Conservatory, and has won a number of prestigious prizes. Most recently it was awarded the first prize with two special prizes at the renowned international chamber music competition 'Premio Trio di Trieste' (2017). It was also a prizewinner of the Joseph Haydn Chamber Music Competition in Vienna (2015) and won the first Prize of Kulturkreis Gasteig e.V.(2014) where they achieved the highest ranking of the entire competition. The Trio Gaon has performed regularly in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Korea, in venues such as the Munich Gasteig Philharmonic hall and the Seoul Arts Center.

The acclaimed musicologist of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht wrote in a concert review: “Along with the extraordinary soloistic capabilities of the three players, one was also astounded by their highly refined sense for transparency and balance of sound, as well as by the presence of that very spirit of what playing chamber music together can mean.”

Trio Gaon members

Jehye Lee - Violin
Samuel Lutzker - Cello
Tae Hyung Kim - Piano

Round One

BEETHOVEN Piano Trio, op 1 no 1
FRANCAIX Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano
CORTI Musica discrete 

Round Two

STANHOPE Pulses for Piano Trio
BRAHMS Piano Trio in B Major, op 8 no 1