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2018 Prize Winners

Congratulations Trio Marvin! Photo credit: Mike Keating.

The winners of the 2018 Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition are:


Supported by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne

An Australian performance tour arranged by Musica Viva in November 2019.
Career-enhancing professional development support.

Trio Marvin (Russia/Kazakhstan/Germany)


1st Prize – The Robert Salzer Foundation Prize ($30,000)
Goldmund Quartett

2nd Prize – The Evans Dixon Prize ($20,000)
Eliot Quartett 

3rd Prize – The Laura Brown Prize ($10,000)
Callisto Quartet

The Audience Prize for String Quartet ($8,000) (supported by the Druce family in memory of Peter Druce)
Baum Quartett (South Korea)

Quartet Commission Prize – Best Performance of Holly Harrison’s New Work ($4,000) (supported by the Silo Collective)
Goldmund Quartett (Germany)


1st Prize – The Tony Berg Prize ($22,500)
Trio Marvin

2nd Prize – The Paul Morawetz Prize for Piano Trio ($15,000)
Trio Gaon
 (Germany/South Korea)

3rd Prize – The Musica Viva Victorian Committee Prize ($7,500)
Amatis Piano Trio

The Audience Prize for Piano Trio ($6,000) (supported by the Druce family in memory of Peter Druce)
Trio Gaon (Germany/South Korea)

Trio Commission Prize – Best Performance of Paul Stanhope’s New Work ($3,000) (supported by the Tribe family)
Trio Gaon (Germany/South Korea)

Goldmund Quartet. Photo credit: Mike Keating.

trio marvin sydney concert

Trio Marvin will perform an exclusive concert in Sydney on Wednesday 11 July at 11am

Independant Theatre
North Sydney

Tickets: $53 / $20

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