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Frequently Asked Questions

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Chamber music is music played by a small group of musicians – for this championship, you'll need to have between 3-8 players in your group. There needs to be just one instrument or singer performing each part of the music, and no conductor.

Learn a little more with this brief history of chamber music


Our definition of classical music is fairly broad, but we do not allow versions of pop, rock, or jazz style pieces. If you’re in any doubt as to whether your chosen piece fits the guidelines, please contact us and we’ll let you know!

Yes! We welcome entries from groups playing all kinds of instruments and groups with singers. As long as there’s only one player per part, your group has 3-8 players, no conductor, and you’re playing classical music (i.e. not jazz, pop or rock), we’d love for you to enter!

Yes, absolutely! There are no restrictions on where each member of your group goes to school or in what year level (as long as it’s secondary school).

Definitely, we’d love to have your entry.

That’s a great song by Adele, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit the repertoire guidelines.

Have a chat to your teacher/tutor, or browse through our repertoire resource section, and you should find lots of suitable music to perform.

No cuts to music are allowed, except in exceptional circumstances. Written approval must be obtained from Championship Management prior to entry. Send us an email if you have any concerns: [email protected] 

Not at all, you may perform as many or as few repeats as you wish. Use your good judgement in deciding which repeats to perform, and ensure that your performance still fits within the required time limit of 4-12 minutes.

No. Pianos are permitted as part of a chamber group (e.g. a piano trio of violin/cello/piano, or 2 pianos/8 hands), however it must be performed by a secondary school student.

Works for solo instrument/voice and piano accompaniment are also not permitted as they don’t meet the requirement of 3 players minimum.

We understand that not everyone will have access to high quality video/audio recording equipment. Videos may be recorded with any device, including smartphones, digital cameras, etc. The quality of the video recording won’t unduly influence the decision of the judging panel but groups are encouraged to test recorded sound quality in advance of the performance and make reasonable adjustments where necessary (eg. microphone placement) so that the judging panel can hear the group at its best.  

We are also in the process of setting up a network of regional ‘Hubs’ to assist with the recording of First Round entries. These Hubs will be schools, community centres or performing arts venues in regional areas that are able to provide space, equipment and/or personnel to assist with recording of First Round videos. These Hubs may, at their discretion, charge for their services. Keep checking the Championship website for further updates on Hubs.