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Since the founding of Musica Viva Australia in 1945, volunteers have played an integral role in ensuring the company presents concerts of the highest possible standard.

Musica Viva existed in its first few years as a result of the energy and interests of mainly European refugees who sought to keep their cultural interests alive and see them flourish in their new country.

We are extremely grateful to our volunteers. We recognise the dedication and time spent in roles on committees, administration and providing specialty services.

national office

Celia Berry
Graham Blazey
Peter Bridgwood
Bryan Burke
Tomas Drevikovsky
Jenny Fielding
Kevin Gardner
Emily Holt
Reg McCabe
Annaliese McGee-Collett
Vidhi Mathur
Richard Muhs
Diane Parks
Adrienne Saunders
Andy Serafin
Hannah Smith


Libby Dickeson
Gerard Nichols
Rebecca tee
Kathy Worrad

south australia

Veronica Aldridge
Thea Maxwell


Alastair Cooper-Gulec
Jessica Crowe
Pamela Foulkes
Susanna Ling
Jacqueline Rodrigues
John Sutton
Grace Westcott-Dawson

western australia

Greg Atkins
Hannah Smith